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A day in the ‘Bat Cave’

Adib Noor

Some 28 Brunei-US Association (BUSA) members recently paid a visit to the Universiti Brunei Darussalam-Virginia Tech (UBD-VT) Science and Technology Research Laboratory at UBD to take a look at its ‘Bat Cave’, a collaborative research initiative to leverage biodiversity resources by transforming them into bio-inspired engineering and digital technologies.

Dean of the Faculty of Integrated Technologies (FIT), UBD Dr Juliana binti Haji Zaini welcomed the visiting group.

The group was briefed by VT Professor Dr Rolf Mueller, the lead researcher of the project under the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the BIST Center. The professor shared that the research project uses state-of-the-art imaging techniques to observe how bats use their bio-sonar systems during flight, and apply what they learn to drones and autonomous under-water vehicles.

The UBD-VT Science and Technology Research Laboratory is also equipped with powerful and unique hardware including a 50-camera high-speed video array and biomimetic 3D printed robots.

Chairperson of BUSA-PB Chapter Nur Aneesa Harziah Adriana binti Md Hadi stated that the visit broadened her scientific knowledge and found the robotic bat both inspiring and fascinating.

Also present were Public Affairs Officer of the Embassy of the United States Jeff Barrus and BUSA President Salimah binti Haji Saim.

Brunei-US Association (BUSA) members in a group photo. PHOTOS: BUSA
The visiting group listens to a briefing

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