A classical artwork with ‘skeletonisation’

FOR over 30 years, Arbutus has crafted a multitude of top-graded mechanical watches but its “skeletonisation” artistry has remained the cynosure of all designs.

To celebrate the new year, Arbutus automatic watches have incorporated a skeleton design which showcased nothing but the bare essentials of watch mechanisms with the intertwining bridges, gears and wheels, and with each movement relays the heart and soul of the watch.

This signature craftsmanship of Arbutus has beguiled supremely to polished consumers who take a fancy to mechanical watch craftsmanship.

Nevertheless, Arbutus knows that in order to keep up with the mushrooming standard of clientele, they have to evolve. Thus, they introduced the new skeleton collection, the AR1801.

The AR1801 skeleton watches are assembled with open dials sized at 44mm, ornamented with jewels, offering a clear view of the watches’ working mechanisms.

What truly individuates this from the other models is its capability to show time in the dark.

The indexes and hour hands have the propensity to glow.

With Arbutus’ watches high calibre and infamous skeleton design, this glowing feature will only amplify the watch further, transforming a classical artwork into a pre-eminent watch and a true focal representation of Arbutus.

AR1801 SWS