90 attend Attorney General’s Chambers’ presentation

THE Attorney General’s Chambers delivered a two-day presentation on ‘Understanding the Law: Roles and Responsibilities of the Government’ at the Jubli Emas Hall, Law and Courts Building on February 16 and 18.

The presentation was attended by about 90 senior government officers from various ministries, departments and statutory bodies involved in the formulation and implementation of their respective policy as well as officers from the Attorney General’s Chambers.

An array of topics was presented including considerations to be taken into account when formulating policy. The presentation stressed the importance of taking a whole of government approach and collaboration among stakeholders in the policy making process to ensure objectives of the policies are achieved.

Law making process, practical approach in preparing initial draft, factors in failures of legislation in achieving its objectives, exercising the law and limits of exercising powers under the law were also discussed.

The presentation also highlighted that introducing new laws is not necessarily the answer to achieve the policy objective, but the enforcement and strategic implementation of the existing law might be the answer to the issues at hand and this includes continuous training of the public officers.

For the first time, the presentation also included explanation on how to use the legislation online available in the Attorney General’s Chambers website and teaches the participants from the government agencies and statutory bodies on how to update the laws within their purview.

The presentation served as a platform for public officers and officers from other agencies to realise the importance of working together with the Attorney General’s Chambers in achieving their objectives towards upholding the rule of law in the long run.

The two-day event concluded with the presentation of certificates to the participants by Solicitor General Zuraini binti Haji Sharbawi.

Attendees of the Attorney General’s Chambers’ presentation in a group photo