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85 ancient tombs unearthed in Upper Egypt

CAIRO (XINHUA) – A total of 85 tombs, dating back to the period from the Old Kingdom of Egypt some 4,500 years ago until the Ptolemaic dynasty spanning from 305 BCE to 30 BCE, were unearthed in the southern Egyptian province of Sohag, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said on Wednesday.

The Egyptian archeological mission in the Gabal El Haridi region, located about 350 kilometres south of the capital Cairo, found beside the mummies 30 death certificates showing the dead person’s name, job and age and their parents’ names, written in old Greek letters and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, according to a ministry statement.

Some tombs were embedded in the mountain, and some have one or more wells with corridors leading to burial rooms, the statement said.