82 survey officers appointed

James Kon

The Brunei Government, through the Department of Economic Planning and Development (JPKE) under the Ministry of Finance and Economy (MoFE), will be conducting the second stage of the Labour Force Survey (LFS) 2019 from October 14 to November 10.

Yesterday, JPKE appointed 82 survey officers as supervisors and interviewers for the survey, following an oath-taking ceremony witnessed by the Acting Deputy Director-General at the JPKE Hajah Mariah binti Haji Yahya.

The main objective of LFS 2019 is to collect the latest information on the size, structure, distribution and characteristics of the labour force, employment, unemployment and other economic characteristics of the population, which will be used to assist in the planning, research, policy-making and management concerning the labour force.

LFS 2019 will involve 3,200 selected households throug-hout the country, where the survey officers will use tablet computers instead of printed questionnaires during the face-to-face interviews.

This approach was first implemented during LFS 2018, which helped to reduce the cost and time taken for the survey operations, as well as in the facilitation of data processing and the improving of data quality in general.

Survey officers take their oath. PHOTOS: JAMES KON
Acting Director-General at the JPKE Hajah Mariah binti Haji Yahya in a group photo with the newly appointed survey officers.

The Labour Force Survey is conducted under the Statistics Act, Chapter 81 of the Law of Brunei Darussalam.

Residents of the selected households are advised to ensure that the interviewers visiting their premises are carrying JPKE survey passes, appointment letters, identity cards and wearing the

JPKE vest. JPKE assures that the information collected during the survey will be kept strictly confidential and used for statistical purposes only.

Results from the survey will provide an important source of information for national socio-economic planning.

The LFS results may also be used by the private sector, academia, researchers, students and the public for their needs and purpose.

The support and cooperation from selected households in providing correct and complete information are essential towards the success of the survey.

For information on LFS 2019, contact 2230265 or 2230250 during office hours, or email [email protected], or visit the JPKE website at www.depd.gov.bn.