81 turn up for cleaning project at Meragang Beach

|     James Kon     |

A TOTAL of 582.15kg of rubbish was collected during a two-hour beach cleaning project organised by the Rotary Club of Bandar Seri Begawan at Meragang Beach last Sunday.

A total of 81 participants comprising Rotary Club members, families and friends including three Universiti Brunei Darussalam students (UBD) participated in the project.

Household plastics, scrap steel, television sets, two parts of a sofa and a refrigerator were among the rubbish collected.

The rubbish were then transported by Kawan Bumi Sdn Bhd for disposal.

A beach barbecue, bonfire, and sunset fellowship followed after the cleaning event.

Organising Chair Chern Yang Loo said, “This was our second Beach Project. We aim to cultivate the beach as a community platform by providing a safe, clean and well-equipped beach. On top of cleaning the beach, we have also gathered driftwood to make the beach less cluttered, and fixed some of the benches and tables at the beach.”

Rotary Club of Bandar Seri Begawan President Klaus Tomalla said, “The vision of this project is to expand our scope in upcoming beach projects and aim to turn Meragang Beach into a vibrant and fully functioning community platform.”

The beach cleaning campaign participants in a group photo. – JAMES KON