74 chameleons found in suitcase in Vienna airport

ODDEE – Authorities stopped a 56-year-old man outside baggage claim after he travelled from Tanzania to Austria. The airport x-ray machine had picked up something remarkable.

The first sign something was probably amiss? The guy packed all his clothes in Tupperware containers with fresh-lock tops. Hidden among his socks and sundry were 74 chameleons, ranging from newborns to full adults.

For an X-ray operator working security at an airport, 74 chameleons are probably the absolute best luggage-surprise you can discover. There’s apparently a decent demand for chameleons on the black market in the Czech Republic, right next door to Austria.

The six dozen reptiles could earn someone close to USD45,000. Of course, you have to make it through the airport without your baggage getting pinged by the random selection for additional security.