510kg of beach trash cleared

Lyna Mohamad

A massive 510-kilogramme haul of trash was picked up during the Serasa Beach Clean-up yesterday, organised by the Brunei Jet Sports Association (BJSA) in collaboration with Poni Divers.

“Set with the objectives to enhance beach cleanliness and in view of the current global issues, the campaign – organised also as part of the Day of Action (DOA) 2020 activities – is to heighten awareness,” said BJSA Secretary Hazirah binti Yussof.

“It is not just affecting the marine life; it affects everyone, especially us who love watersports. One of the beautiful things about doing litter clean-ups is that you get the opportunity to dispose of the waste you find right away,” she added.

Twenty BJSA members and 50 public volunteers rolled up their sleeves for the environmental activity, sacrificing their Sunday to joined in the waste collection.

“We are convinced that greater commitment to public education and outreach, and more partnerships with local governments, communities and industries will help solve the litter issue,” said Hazirah.

BJSA thanked everyone involved, and reminded that beach clean-ups will not rid the ocean of plastic and trash, but they do increase awareness about pollution and educate individuals through action.

ABOVE & BELOW: Volunteers helping with the clean-up. PHOTOS: MUIZ MATDANI