510kg beach trash cleared

James Kon

The Rotary Club of Bandar Seri Begawan (Rotary Club BSB) organised its sixth beach cleaning project at Meragang Beach recently, clearing 510 kilogrammes of trash from the beach.

Club members came with their families and friends for the clean up, which is held thrice yearly.

“This time, it is notable that Meragang Beach has not be cleaned for a longer time. Also, COVID-19 left its traces as more face masks, besides plastic bottles were part of the collected rubbish,” said Organisational Chair and Past President Klaus Tomalla.

President Clement Yong said, “The beach cleaning is a sustainable and major project of the Rotary Club BSB, among other regularly conducted projects such as blood donation or water sanitation projects.”

After the clean up, attendees tucked into a barbequed meal and watched the sun set at the beach.

Attendees remove discards from the beach. PHOTO: ROTARY CLUB OF BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN