Over 5,000 sticker passes issued for foreign vehicles: JPD

James Kon & Rokiah Mahmud

Since the enforcement of pass stickers for foreign vehicles on October 1, 2020, the Land Transport Department (JPD) has issued 165 for commercial vehicles and 5,883 for visiting vehicles.

Foreign-registered vehicles that have obtained permission from the Royal Customs and Excise Department to remain in the country for work obligations or similar purposes are required to display a blue pass sticker.

Meanwhile, foreign vehicles entering the country for the purpose of transporting agricultural, agrifood and fisheries products, with approval from the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism (MPRT), will need to acquire a red pass sticker.

Foreign vehicles in transit for the purpose of delivering goods to designated countries are not required to display a vehicle pass sticker.

Apart from the JPD, the monitoring and enforcement of pass stickers for foreign-registered vehicles are regularly being carried out by enforcement agencies such as the Royal Brunei Police Force, the Ministry of Health and the Immigration and National
Registration Department.

The vehicle pass sticker is valid for three months, after which it has to be renewed, so that foreign-registered vehicles can continue to commute on Brunei roads.

Photos show placement of the pass sticker for motorcycles, commercial and private owned vehicles. PHOTOS: JPD