40 visits concrete batching facility

PUJA Academy Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Readymix Concrete (B) Sdn Bhd organised a technical visit for Institution of Surveyors, Engineers and Architects PUJA members to the Readymix Sungai Akar Concrete Batching Facilities recently.

Trainees undergoing the MISC (Construction) RCC-Visor Bridging Programme were also invited to join the visit, during which Readymix Technical Manager Howell Dosal Carcillar briefed the participants on the concrete technology, mix designs, and batching and testing procedures.

The programme aimed to promote awareness, improve knowledge and enhancing experience on construction matters. A total of 40 participants attended the half-day session.

Similar visits are scheduled for December 16 and 19.

Readymix is a leading concrete manufacturer and raw materials supplier in Brunei with the largest fleet of heavy vehicles and batching plants.

Participants in a group photo during the visit. PHOTO: PUJA