40 at archery festival’s first day

|    Khairil Hassan    |

SOME 40 archery enthusiasts participated in the Brunei Traditional Archery Festival organised by Ar-Rafi Archery Brunei at the Archery Arena of the Jerudong Sports Complex yesterday.

Three categories were competed, namely: Junior Static Category (6-11 years), Public Static Category and Brunei Open Static Category (for Ar-Rafi Brunei members and experienced archers).

Md Safiyullah topped the table of the Brunei Open Static Category scoring 129 at 10m and 119 at 15m with a total of 248 points. Nur Mizan Syafie trailed in second place after scoring 130 at 10m and 110 at 15m with a total score of 240 points, while Haji Zainuddin finished third with a total score of 235 points.

In the Public Static Category, Muhd Izzuddin clinched first place after scoring 129 at 5m, 88 at 10m and 70 at 15m with a total score of 287 points. In second place was Mohd Harith Iskandar scoring 119 at 5m, 63 at 10m and 46 at 15m with a total of 228 points, and Kasyful Hadil took third place after scoring 115 at 5m, 55 at 10m and 51 at 15m, totalling 221 points.

Kasyful Firdaus won first place in the Junior Static Category with 109 points and Nur Sarra Batrisyia was second with 84 points.

The official opening ceremony of the festival is today, and will feature demonstration performances by Ar-Rafi Archery Brunei and International Association of Silat Suffian Bela Diri.

Archers during the first day of the festival. – KHAIRIL HASSAN