37 Fulani herders killed in row over resources: Mali

BAMAKO (BERNAMA-NNN-AGENCIES) – Armed men, believed to be traditional hunters, killed 37 Fulani herders in a central Mali village, according to the government, which has launched an investigation into the attack.

“Our Village Chief Moussa Diallo was killed in the attack along with old women, (and) a girl, all members of his family,” Allaye Yattara, a herder belonging to the Fulani ethnic group said. The source also alleged that the killings were perpetrated by Dogon farmers.

However, the official version regarding the details surrounding the killings indicates that many homes were burned in a part of Koulogon village which is inhabited mostly by Fulani.

The attack took place around the time of the first call to prayer of 2019, according to the mayor of Bankass Moulage Guindo. The mayor explained that another part of the Koulogon village is mostly inhabited by the Dongo ethnic group which is believed to be linked to the attacks.

The recent killings are part of a trend of increase in violence in central Mali that has been taking place between Fulani herders and Bambara and Dogon farmers, which has been triggered by accusations that the Fulani are grazing cattle on Dogon territory as well as disputes over access to land and water resources, according to a report.