37 emergency calls on fire, accidents

Wani Roslan

Thirty-seven cases of vehicles catching fire or involving in accidents were recorded between January and March this year, the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) stated. Of these, one death was recorded and 12 injuries were reported.

In January, eight cases of vehicles on fire and seven cases of vehicle accidents were recorded. Six cases of vehicles on fire and six cases of vehicle accidents were recorded in February and seven cases of vehicles on fire and three vehicle accidents were recorded in March, the FRD added.

The FRD statement added that an estimated loss of BND76,150 due to fire or accidents was recorded within the period. Among the causes were mechanical problems, human error and negligence, electrical problems in vehicle engines as well as the impact of the accident.
The FRD advised the public to be cautious to prevent a fire or vehicle accident. It also urged the public to avoid modifying the wiring of the vehicle.

The public was also told to obtain the services of a qualified mechanic when inspecting wiring, engine and fuel system of a vehicle.

The FRD also urged drivers to turn off the vehicle engine at petrol stations, avoid smoking and refrain from using the mobile phone.

In case of emergency, the public can contact the FRD Operation Centre on 995.

File photo provided by the FRD shows a vehicle that caught fire