31 fallen trees in one week, two injuries

James Kon

The Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) received 31 calls on fallen trees between July 18 and 24, with two people sustaining minor injuries.

According to a statement, the agency said most of the fallen trees caused blockages to roads and damages to houses and vehicles.

Members of the public are urged to take precautionary measures, especially those residing in low-lying areas, during heavy downpours and strong winds as these weather conditions could lead to landslides and toppling trees.

The public is also cautioned against planting trees too close to home or parking vehicles under trees.

Residents living near a hill should exercise frequenting monitoring during bad weather and act quickly at the sign of an impending landslide, the agency stated.

Those residing in low-lying areas or areas known to be flood prone are urged to practise vigilance and check on the water level at their premises during heavy downpours and make sure to bring along important documents during evacuation.

ABOVE & BELOW: Photos show personnel from the Fire and Rescue Department attending to fallen trees. PHOTOS: FRD

Firefighters putting out a house fire

The country is currently in the southwest monsoon season with atmospheric conditions generally stable and thunderstorm activities reduced compared to the previous transitional monsoon season, which falls in April and May.

The current season, which will last until September, typically features haze due to the dry weather conditions in Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, the FRD has seen an increase in fire incidents, with four calls on house fire and one fire believed to be caused by electricity overload within a one-week period.

The fires caused an estimated BND160,000 in damages, affecting 26 locals and seven foreigners and resulting in one injury.

Among the causes of fires are overheating due to charging too many devices at the same time, lightning strike and faulty refrigerator.

The FRD stressed in its statement for better understanding of fire safety as well as refraining from overloading sockets, ensuring proper wirings are in place with inspections of wirings carried out by companies accredited by the Department of Electrical Services, and refraining from leaving electrical appliances on for a long period.

The agency also called for the installation of smoke detectors and fire blankets at the premises.

During an emergency, contact the agency at 995 and make sure to provide clear and concise information.