300 challenge themselves in Bukit Marakucing hike

|     Aziz Idris     |

SOME 300 people took part in the Challenge Urself hike at Bukit Marakucing yesterday, which was flagged off by Kampong Belimbing Village Consultative Council (MPK) representative Daud bin Jihan.

Participants sweated it out in a warm-up at the Tasek Sarubing Recreational Park before hiking towards Bukit Marakucing.

The hike aimed to encourage the public to be physically active and to strengthen their stamina – both mentally and physically.

The event sought to promote the park as an eco-tourism destination as well as a ‘hiking village’ under the ‘One Village, One Product’ and KNK (Know Our Country) initiative for sports and recreational activities.

Participants climbed to the highest peak of the hill (247m above sea level) and enjoyed the panoramic view of Bandar Seri Begawan. The hike was jointly organised by Winners Brunei, HSN Fitness and MadukuBN with support from Brunei Hikers, MPK Kampong Belimbing, BIDARA and Radio Amateur.

Participants are all smiles at the Bukit Marakucing weekend hike. – AZIZ IDRIS