Over 30 learn Islamic burial techniques

Daniel Lim

More than 30 residents from the surrounding area of Kampong Pandan participated in the Jenazah Management Course, organised by the Language and Literature Bureau (DBP) in collaboration with the Belait District Religious Affairs Department, at DBP Library in Kampong Pandan yesterday morning.

The course aimed to provide and equip its participants with proper techniques and knowledge of preparing the deceased for burial according to Islamic rites. DBP Library of Kampong Pandan Acting Library Assistant Zaiton binti Haji Nappy said that due to public demand, the course was held for a second time and the programme will continue to be held there.

Alhamdulillah, the turnout for the course for this time is strong, with many of the participants asking a variety of questions on the preparation as well as the proper procedures in managing the deceased,” she said.

The course also highlights the purpose of the library as more than a place to borrow books, but as a centre of correct and relevant information.

“In addition to the course held today, DBP Library of Kampong Pandan is always conducting activities throughout the year, such as during school holidays with our Library Open Day,” she said.

During the course, the participants attended a series of short talks and briefings on the proper methods and procedures in preparing the deceased for burial.

They also partook in a practical demonstration where they applied the theories learnt.

Jenazah Management Course teaches various procedures of preparing the deceased for burial. PHOTO: DANIEL LIM