30 join fire safety briefing

Izah Azahari

Thirty members of the Kampong Panchor Village Consultative Council (MPK Panchor) and committee members of the Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque Takmir Committee took part in a fire safety briefing recently.

Facilitated by the Public Relations Division of Operation ‘E’ Branch of the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD), the briefing was aimed at enhancing awareness on fire safety, building evacuation and the correct procedures in operating a fire extinguisher.

MPK Panchor Advisor Haji Roslan bin Haji Tajaah was present.

The briefing also aimed to instil a sense of responsibility in fire safety while enhancing awareness on the danger of fire.

Fire and building evacuation drills will be conducted at least twice a year to ensure public safety. It is also one of the activities for the department to ascertain effectiveness of the fire safety protocol, while promoting interaction, cooperation and strengthening of relationship between the FRD and the community.

A participant during the fire extinguishing lesson. PHOTO: FRD