30 employees get tips on customer service with Islamic values

Lyna Mohamad

The Brunei Association of Hotels (BAH) organised the third training session for Islamic Values on Customer Services in collaboration with host hotels in the sultanate at The Rizqun International Hotel with a focus on the application of Maqasid Syariah principles in the hospitality industry.

Thirty front office and food and beverage employees representing The Rizqun International Hotel, The Centrepoint Hotel and Abdul Razak Apartments participated in the training session.

Mulia Hotel Operations Director and BAH President Mohd Iswandi bin Maaruf conducted the training and highlighted the five principles of Maqasid Syariah to preserve – religion, life, intellect, descendants and property.

“Preserving religion means to avoid anything that may violate and destroy its foundations. This includes defending the country and the position of Islam as the official religion, along with deference to leadership,” he said.

Preserving life means preserving brotherhood, social equality, justice, security of life, property, fulfilling employment needs and others, as well as ensuring proper guidelines in serving food and drink, providing nutritious meals and displaying full details of the menu in case of allergies or out of respect for religious practices.

BAH President Mohd Iswandi bin Maaruf conducts the training. PHOTO: LYNA MOHAMAD

“Preservation of the mind, which means protecting the human mind from anything that causes damage to it, must be nurtured with noble values and useful knowledge; hence the need to educate and provide training to employees to enable them to handle the work tasks given.

“The concept of hereditary preservation involves the protection and preservation of heredity or descendants. Forming a healthy, productive and effective society is important and what we eat will have an effect on us or our descendants/heredity, so providing Halal food is one of the concepts in caring for our descendants.

“Preserving property means protecting the wealth of society from destruction and preventing it from passing into the hands of others by illegal means. This includes banning injustice, the denial of rights and so on, as well as the need to protect the property and making sure that the location is safe for use.

“We need to practise the principles of Maqasid Syariah daily, and managers and supervisors should also play a role in this training, so they can include this in their daily briefings.

Remember, we are working in the hospitality industry, so providing excellent services is our top priority,” added Mohd Iswandi.

The training was initiated by BAH, in efforts to upgrade the knowledge and skills of local hoteliers, as well as emphasising the uniqueness of Bruneian hospitality in customer services.