2nd ‘Malam Minggu Pusat Belia’ on February 2

|     Izah Azahari     |

THE second instalment of the Malam Minggu Pusat Belia (MMPB), which will include activities by a number of companies and youth associations at the Youth Centre, will be held in Bandar Seri Begawan on February 2 from 7.30pm.

Creative industry activities including Mono Jazz Night, Jiwaku Seni, Trampoline Fitness, Juicing Party, Make Up Tutorial and sales by local youth will also be held.

The Riadah Hall will see the Mono Jazz Night activity where a Monologue performance and jazz singing by the youth organised by Amux Motion and Sutera Memento.

The Trampoline Fitness activity will be carried out at the Dance Studio of the Youth Centre organised by the GMSS & Fitness Lab BN, while the Make Up Tutorial and Facial Beauty Treatment session will be organised by the Fitness Lab BN with Make Up Artist Mami Dina at the Make Up Salon of the Youth Centre.

Meanwhile, the Silaturrahim Hall will be enlivened with an art performance, Jiwaku Seni, which is an art performance platform and will involve a local youth entrepreneurship exhibition by the Art and Culture Bureau of the Youth Community Transformation Club (KKBT), Kris Karmila, and the Free Cosplay Association.

At the Ruang Belia Kitani room, a Juicing Party will be organised which aims to share knowledge on easy healthy drink preparation by youth towards supporting a healthier life. Cosplay members will also enliven the room with a number of demonstrations.

In line with the MMPB objective, entrepreneurship aspects among the youth are also given main focus, where activities will be carried out with youth involved in entrepreneurship for a variety of products including active youth ‘online’ sellers which will see 35 recognised youth entrepreneurs selling products around the swimming pool area, Indoor and Outdoor Café and will be enlivened with acoustic performances by youth groups.

The Youth Centre’s parking area will also exhibit a number of classic cars by Club Benzer, with the aim of giving the opportunity to youth to view interesting classic cars closer.

The Akademi [email protected] will also be carried out for youth to learn basic info-communication and technology.

MMPB is a Youth Volunteer project carried out as a collective under one roof by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports which aims to showcase art and cultural activities, entertainment, local talent and entrepreneurship from the creative industry based at the Youth Centre by using the facilities available.

The MMPB Project is held on the first Saturday of every month with the objective of enhancing the Creative Industry productivity at the Youth Centre through various pro-active and innovative activities led by youth themselves, and to maximise the use of facilities found at the Youth Centre throughout the year with a number of month planned activities.

The public, especially the youth, are welcome to the Youth Centre to support the local youth activities in developing the Creative Industry, in line with achieving the National Vision.