25 Taleban militants killed in airstrikes near Kabul

KABUL (Xinhua) – At least 25 Taleban militants were killed after the Afghan Air Force launched airstrikes in eastern Wardak province, 35 kilometres west of Kabul, the country’s Ministry of Defence said yesterday.

“A total of 25 Taleban militants were killed as a result of air strikes that conducted based on a confirmed tip-off in Sayyed Abad district, Wardak province, last Sunday,” the ministry said in a statement.

Among those killed were four local Taleban divisional commanders, the statement said, adding that militants’ six vehicles and three motorbikes were also destroyed in the raids.

Warring sides in Afghanistan often exaggerate casualties of the opponent side and it is difficult to verify with independent sources.

The Taleban militant group hasn’t made a comment on the report yet.