21 gain new found confidence in English language

Twenty-one students received their certificates from the International School Brunei (ISB) English Language Centre (ELC) after completing the English language courses at the centre.

Twelve students completed the General English Course – a basic English proficiency class with a speaking focus for all levels of proficiency – which were split into elementary and pre-intermediate classes.

Nine took the Business English Course, which offers members of the community looking to build their English fluency for the workplace and improve career prospects.

The eight-week course, which spanded from February to March, included group work, interactive learning and discussions.

A student in the General English Course said, “I struggle with my English a lot because I don’t get to practice it very often. I am thankful to ISB’s English Language Centre for organising this course as it inspired me to practise speaking English with my peers.”

Another student from the Business English Course said, “Business English is such a new course to me and I learnt a lot from the past eight weeks. The instructor was very engaging and encouraged all of us to participate which was very fun. I look forward to enrolling in this course again.”

The ELC was established with the authorisation of the Ministry of Education, aiming to serve the English language learning needs of the community.

Students from the Business English (above) and General English courses with ELC staff after receiving their certificates. PHOTOS: ISB