Vehicles in poor condition come under scrutiny

Azlan Othman

Fines totalling BND2,500 were issued to the owners of 21 commercial and eight private vehicles during a Land Transport Department (JPD) operation along Jalan Batu Satu in Jalan Tutong.

The vehicles were inspected for violating the Road Traffic Act and Regulations (Chapter 68). The offences included damaged speed warning light switch, bad tail board, bad flooring, cracked windshield, damaged floor board and body work, missing mudguard and bald tyres.

Other offences included nets not being installed/tied – running the risk of having cargo falling from the vehicle; passenger seats/doors in poor condition, rear bonnet lock modified, broken brake light cover, damaged under bumper, headlight cover in poor condition, installing rear roof without permission, faulty paint work, retro reflective and torn driver seat, rear door and panel damaged, and installing roof rack without permission.

JPD also took action against private vehicle owners in breach of the Road Traffic Act and Regulations (Chapter 68) for offences such as passenger seats not being fitted, brake light and seatbelt in poor condition, bald rear tyres, body work and interior in poor condition, missing wiper, missing oil tank cover, sport rim installation without permission, and cracked windshield.

Based on JPD monitoring, there are vehicles that are suspicious in terms of the level of safety used on the road.

JPD reminded vehicle owners and drivers to comply with the road laws and regulations, practise safe driving, adhere to speed limits, buckle up, to avoid texting and driving, park vehicles in permitted areas, and to not carry excessive loads that can endanger other motorists’ lives.

JPD welcomes public cooperation in sharing information related to road safety. The public can report matters via Darussalam line 123 or through WhatsApp 8333123 by including a picture of the vehicle involved.