Thailand plans 10-day quarantine period

BANGKOK (BERNAMA) – Thailand plans to shorten the mandatory quarantine period for new arrivals from low-risk countries from two weeks to 10 days.

Division of Communicable Disease Director Dr Sophon Iamsirithavorn said the plan – if implemented – will include new arrival foreigners who hold Special Tourist Visa (STV) and Thais returning home.

Based on research, he said, COVID-19 infections were usually detected during the first 10 days at quarantine facility for those returning from overseas.

“Thus, 10 days of quarantine and appropriate risk management will prevent the spread of the virus,” he said at a press conference yesterday. To shorten the quarantine period to 10 days, Dr Sophon said the authorities will conduct COVID-19 RT-PCR screening test three times – upon arrival, days five and nine as well as two COVID-19 antibody tests. At present, the COVID-19 test is conducted twice.

He said those who have completed the 10-day quarantine and are out of the quarantine facility are required to do temperature checks and install tracking application and report to relevant authorities from days 11th to 14th.

They must wear mask when they are at public venues and observe social distancing, he added.

He reiterated that the matter had been discussed thoroughly with all relevant ministries and agencies to ensure no new waves of COVID-19 in Thailand.

He said the proposal will be submitted to the Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) for consideration.

Boats sail on Menam River in Bangkok. PHOTO: XINHUA