Strong winds cause havoc in Belait

Daniel Lim

The Fire and Rescue Department’s (FRD) Operation ‘B’ Branch received 35 emergency calls in the Belait District from November 19 to 21, said the FRD yesterday.

Twenty-four of the calls were on fallen trees, while the remaining 11 were house roofs torn off by strong winds, the agency added.

Firefighters were dispatched to cut and remove the fallen trees, in addition to installing canvas sheets on building structures and assisting homeowners in the repairs to their roofing.

The public is advised to seek shelter in safe areas when outdoor during bad weather, and to avoid high-risk areas with trees, utility poles or tall unsupported objects.

Homeowners should be aware of their surroundings, including slippery surfaces or uneven soil, which could lead to landslides.

Road users are also advised to adhere to traffic rules and regulations, especially during bad weather, where visibility is reduced while keeping within the speed limit can help reduce the risk of accidents.

For emergencies, contact the FRD at 995 and to provide accurate, detailed information.

FROM LEFT: A Fire and Rescue Department personnel cuts a fallen tree; and a house with the roof torn off by strong winds. PHOTOS: FRD