‘Pick up kids’ excuse need to be addressed

I am writing to respond to an opinion letter on ‘Absence of work ethics’ by JS published in the Bulletin on November 4.

The ‘pick up kids’ excuse for slacking at work has been going on for ages, and I believe this issue needs to be tackled by the authorities once and for all.

I would also like to make a few suggestions, and one of them is to have the children transported from morning to afternoon classes without having to go home first to change and have lunch.

When I was a kid, my mother used to make me and my siblings change inside the car (which I hated but had no choice but to do). She would hand us takeaway food too.

Another way to deal with the issue is to ensure each school has a designated school bus; not necessarily to pick them up from home but have them picked up at specially assigned spots.

Not only would it remove the excuse from workers, it would also allow children to learn to use public transportation, though promoting independence among them.