Missing for 3 days, pet cat returns home after running up a debt

NDTV – In a hilarious incident, a pet cat that went missing returned home after three days – with a debt hanging over her head. The tabby cat went missing from her home in Thailand, according to local reports. Her owner’s happiness at being reunited with the cat was tinged with surprise, for the cat came back with a hilarious note tied around her neck, informing her owner of the debt she had run up while away from home.

A Facebook page shared photos of the chubby cat last week. The photos show the feline with a handwritten note attached to its collar.

According to news website Mothership, the message on the note read, “Your cat kept eyeing the mackerels at my stall, so I gave him three. Aunty May at alley number 2.”

It was followed by Aunty May’s phone number, partially obscured by a bunny emoji.

Photos of the cat looking distinctly unapologetic and rather pleased with herself have left social media users in splits.

“Hilarious! Great your cat came home safely,” wrote one person in the comments section.

“This is so adorable! I love the chubby tabby,” said another, while a third commented, “Really cute cat. I can see how he gets fish!”

Some praised Aunty May for feeding the feline, while others even offered to pay for the fish and clear the cat’s debt.

The cat with a note tied around her neck. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/ CHANGPUAKSIAM