Lending 1K1P a helping hand

Rokiah Mahmud

Darussalam Travel and Tours in its efforts to promote domestic tourism in Brunei Darussalam has added salted egg production tour to its packages.

The tour aims to help village consultative councils (MPKs) in the Temburong District to promote its One Village One Product (1K1P), particularly during difficult times when businesses are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visitors get the opportunity to learn about the process of making salted eggs as well as experience local farms in the Brunei-Muara District.

MPK Kampong Puni and Kampung Ujung Jalan is one of the MPKs that is active in producing salted eggs.

According to the MPK’s Chairman of the Women’s Bureau Hajah Mahirah binti Haji Adul, the initiative to rear ducks for egg production began in 2009.

BHB Enterprise duck farm. PHOTO: ROKIAH MAHMUD

She said, “at that time, almost 30 members of the MPK participated in the programme”.

“Aside from generating income, it also aimed to cater to the high demand for salted eggs in the Sultanate.

“However, we couldn’t rear enough ducks to secure enough eggs for production.

“Now we do not breed ducks; but instead focus on processing duck eggs.”

After collecting eggs from local breeders, the MPK begins the salted egg production process.

The eggs will be cleaned from debris and then transferred into a tall container.

Salted water will be pour into the container before it is covered with a lid and left for several days.

“Afterwards, the eggs will be covered with rice bran and dried under the sun until they change colour, before being packed with salted brown clay paste to ensure the eggs have longer shelf-life.”

Hajah Mahirah said the members obtained the knowledge on salted eggs processing through their visits to Sabah, Malaysia. They also invited entrepreneurs to further improve their skills through workshops.

Meanwhile, owner and manager of BHB Enterprise Haji Bakar bin Haji Berudin began duck farming six years ago. His farm, located in Luahan, Agriculture Development Area in Jerudong, employs a semi-intensive system. The duck farm initially reared 18 ducks but has now grown to 4,000 ducks.

Haji Bakar’s farm is capable of producing over 1,200 duck eggs monthly and since its inception has produced some 1.2 million duck eggs.

Haji Bakar shared that ducks only lay eggs during the night. “As farmers we need to look at the quality of the eggs as well as the duck itself,” he said

“A healthy duck is able to produce around 19 to 23 of eggs in a month. Their life-span is about two-and-a-half years. So the best time for them to produce eggs is when they are six months old.”

Head of Darussalam Travel and Tours Hajah Nuratikah binti Abdullah said the salted egg production tour package has received encouraging response from the public.

“Since the introduction of the package, we often receive 50 to 70 pax per trip,” she said.

“It shows that Bruneians have interest in learning about our country as well as to discover new places that have yet to be experienced.”