JP brings back ‘Animal in the Park’

Izah Azahari

Get ready for a one of a kind, up-close and personal experience with animals as Jerudong Park has brought back Animals in the Park for a family fun time all throughout November.

Located at its Adventure Park, Canopy, Animals in the Park features a touch tank exhibition where visitors get to touch live marine animals such as starfish and sea cucumbers, as well as interact with exotic birds including Tamil Nadu, golden pheasant, African grey parrot and lovebirds.

Visitors also get to be wowed by python snakes, blue-tongue skinks, leopard geckos, iguanas and turtles in the reptile section, or be immersed in the soothing ambiance of the aquatic section with various marine and freshwater fish including shovel-nosed catfish, dragon fish, lung fish, frontosa, Malawi cichlid, and pipe fish.

Animals also have their own QR code for visitors to scan and obtain information about them.

Adding more fun to the month-long festivities are a number of carnival games and colouring activities for families to enjoy.

Visitors are assured a peace of mind as Jerudong Park strictly adheres to the standard of operating procedures (SOPs) required amid the COVID-19 pandemic with hand sanitisers and hand-washing stations readily available at every entry and exit of each section.

Among the freshwater fish on display. PHOTOS: BAHYIAH BAKIR
An African grey parrot among the birds at the park
A turtle in the reptile section