Johnson to end England’s coronavirus lockdown on December 2

LONDON (AP) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to end an England-wide lockdown as scheduled on December 2 and will announce a return to regional restrictions as statistics show that coronavirus infections have stabilised.

Johnson’s office also confirmed plans to begin a nationwide COVID-19 vaccination programme next month, assuming regulators approve a vaccine against the virus.

The government also will increase mass testing in an effort to suppress the virus until vaccines can be rolled out. Johnson’s office said late Saturday that the government plans to return to using a three-tiered system of localised restrictions in England, with areas facing different lockdown measures based on the severity of their outbreaks.

More communities are expected to be placed in the two highest virus alert categories, it said.

The government put England under a four-week lockdown that started November 5. The Cabinet discussed the plans yesterday, and the prime minister aims to give Parliament the details today. The United Kingdom (UK) as a whole has the worst virus death toll in Europe, at over 54,700 deaths.

Johnson announced the lockdown in England on October 31 after public health officials warned that an exponential rise in new daily coronavirus infections was threatening to overwhelm the National Health Service as the winter flu season approached.

The lockdown closed non-essential business like many shops, gyms and restaurants – although takeout was permitted.

Cyclists ride along a quiet Oxford Street in London. PHOTO: AP