Four schools attacked in Cameroon, teachers kidnapped

YAOUNDÉ (AFP) – The Cameroon government said on Wednesday that four schools in the conflict-ridden anglophone regions of the country had been attacked over the past two days and six teachers kidnapped.

“Several terrorists… kidnapped six teachers and 10 pupils” from a protestant school in Kumbo in the northeast of the country on Tuesday, government spokesman Emmanuel Sadi said in a statement.

The pupils were released the same day, “but the teachers remain in the hands of the secessionist rebels”, he said.

Then, on Wednesday, “nearly a dozen unidentified individuals” attacked a school in Limbe in the south west, physically assaulting teachers and pupils, ransacking the building and setting fire to part of it, Sadi continued.

Also on Tuesday, “four terrorists” fired shots at a college in Bamenda in the northwest before fleeing.

And in Fundong, also in the northwest, six pupils were snatched on Wednesday on their way to school, but later released, the town’s mayor Denis Awoh Ndong told AFP.

Since separatist violence erupted in Cameroon in 2017, the kidnapping of youngsters, attacks on teachers and the destruction of schools have been frequent in the western part of the mainly French-speaking country.