Four local short films to compete at Sydney’s FLiCKERFEST

Aziz Idris

The Brunei Film Blitz has been invited to submit four local short films into ‘competition’ for the Sydney-based FLiCKERFEST.

This top honour comes as the reputation of a bourgeoning Bruneian film industry continues to gain international attention.

Brunei Film Blitz selected Mereka (by Aaqill Ahmad), Finder’s Keepers (by Safwan Haji Mohamad), About Jack (by Amirul Jazli Jali) and Warisan Irama Pusaka (by Aqil Faiz) in view of their production quality and outstanding filmmaking prowess.

Brunei Film Blitz Festival Director Siti Kamaluddin said, “The four films chosen represent Brunei’s commitment to higher production standards. They were winners at the Brunei Film Blitz in 2019 and now they speak for our country internationally in 2020.”

The selected films cover a wide range of genres including action, horror, comedy and Islamic-theme. They also incorporate topics that are specific to Brunei.

Brunei Film Blitz has selected the four short films based on their production quality and outstanding filmmaking prowess. PHOTO: ORIGIN

Mereka Director Aaqill Ahmad said, “Using a Bruneian wedding as the backdrop for the story allowed me to explore the difference in generational perspectives of our country”.
FLiCKERFEST, Australia’s premier international short film festival, will be held at the Bondi Pavilion on Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach in January 2021.

The festival in 2021 will celebrate 30 years of screening the best short films from Australia and around the world in competitions and special showcases. The festival will include competitions open to international short films, documentaries, as well as local Australian and youth categories (FlickerUp).

Following the festival in Sydney, a selection of films will go on tour to over 50 capital cities and regional centres around Australia.

Meanwhile, the Brunei Film Blitz will be held again as part of the Brunei December Festival initiated by Origin Artistic Management, with support from the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism.

Registration for the Brunei Film Blitz is now open. To register visit