Festive deals on 1,000 laptops

James Kon

With the arrival of 1,000 Acer laptop units, Concepts Computer is ready to offer great deals for the upcoming festive season and year-end sales promotion expected to start next week. Five selected models are priced affordably.

Concepts Computer General Manager Vincent Pao said, “Concepts Computer and Acer are both committed to bringing in the best for the Bruneian IT market at the best prices. And for us, providing the best after-sales service and care with the support of Acer will be important when these thousand units go out to the Bruneian public.”

Concepts Computer Marketing Executive Zul Abdul Rahman said, “Concepts Computer is still wary at the way the market is affected by the global pandemic, so when the chance came up to bring in 1,000 units of affordable Acer laptops, we stepped up and took the leap.”

He added, “Concepts will also line up some exciting surprises for every purchase of these Acer laptops. Keep an eye out on our social media during the next few days.”

Stockpile of the new Acer laptop at Concepts Computer in Kiulap. PHOTO: CONCEPTS COMPUTER