Boost for domestic tourism as ties rekindled

Izah Azahari

A group of former Raja Isteri Girls High School students and family members participated in a day-trip hosted by Kampong Sungai Bunga Village Consultative Council (MPK Sungai Bunga) through its Economic and Tourism Bureau and Women’s Bureau and Cottage Industry yesterday.

The day-trip package aimed to promote domestic tourism and helps boost resident’s economy through the One Village One Product (1K1P) programme. Participants first visited Sultan Mohd Hassan tomb and were briefed on the historical background. The group then visited Seri Tanjung Tourist Activity Centre and observed and participated in taufu fah, kuih sapit, and ambuyat making demonstrations.

MPK Sungai Bunga also offer homestay programme to promote local culture.

Participants in a group photo during the visit. PHOTO: MPK SUNGAI BUNGA