Boho for the ’70s

AP/ AFP – It was serene and airy at Christian Dior. Masked guests were seated in socially-distanced seats. On the walls, ’70s-era magazine clippings helped provide flashes of bright colour like stained-glass windows.

Designer Maria Grazia Chiuri took as her starting point a re-interpretation of the house’s iconic Bar Jacket – the staple of the New Look – as designed for Japan in 1957. But Chiuri’s version was loose and patterned and featured ethnic motifs, re-creating the boho mood of the ’70s.

That decade pervaded the entire collection. Patchwork on scarves, paisley patterns, long flowing fluttery skirts, and sheer silk chiffon shirts captured the exuberance of that era. So did the accessories and make-up – Silk scarves were worn like turbans, and complemented Cleopatra-style eyeliner, long gold flower pendants and plaited leather Roman sandals.

At moments, the exuberance went too far, such as a multi-coloured striped poncho that clashed with the delicate floral print on the bronze silk skirt. But some long embroidered cape coats that hung down regally, with silken patterned insides, more than made up for it.