Absence of work ethics

I have come across a number of public servants with sub-par job performances yet expect to get a raise or a promotion. Not only do these staffers fail to clock in the prescribed eight-hour workday, they often show up late and shoot off for coffee when they should be working in the office.

Sure, there is the punch-card system to keep them in check. But it is problematic because they can always ask their friends to do it for them. Then, there’s the perpetual excuse of having to “pick up kids”. To me, it is a case of an absence of work ethics.

We live in an era that makes it impossible to live without a smartphone; everyone has one. But if schools have enough foresight to keep children focussed in the classroom by prohibiting phone on school grounds, perhaps the same restriction could be applied to the workplace.

In my opinion, some of them are spending more time on their phones than their desktops.

The lack of discipline has been an issue for a long time; worse still are people who expect to be rewarded for their dilly-dally approach to work. How can our people improve if this work attitude persists?