Webinar sheds light on ETF investment

Continuing its series of educational webinars in conjunction with its fifth anniversary, Baiduri Capital held a webinar titled ‘Investing in ETFs during COVID-19’ recently.

The webinar, conducted by Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Business Development Specialist from Nikko Asset Management Calvin Neo, explored an in-depth look at the various kinds of ETFs and were also taught strategies for investing in ETFs.

ETFs are a type of investment fund and exchange-traded product that are similar to mutual funds but are bought and sold throughout the day on stock exchanges.

Calvin also addressed factors to consider when investing such as the longevity of ETFs, the risks involved, the importance of diversification, and also helpful tips for ETF investors beyond the pandemic.

Calvin also included a short training using case studies to teach the participants how to read fact sheets of ETFs and analyse which kind of ETFs have done well during the pandemic.

The session’s aim was to teach participants gather and read information to make informed decisions when investing in ETFs.

General Manager of Baiduri Capital Peng Eng Soon said, “Educational webinars such as these aim to equip our investors with the knowledge of various kinds of investments available to them in the international market.

“Baiduri Capital along with its partners, also aims to give our investors an in-depth analysis of these different investments, in hopes that their portfolios will be diversified and they have a more global perspective on regional and international market trends.”

The webinar in progress