Ways to enliven Bandarku Ceria

I would like to appeal to the authorities to consider shifting the weekly Bandarku Ceria to afternoon or evening. As it stands, by 9am, the day starts to heat up and the vendors have to operate under an increasingly scorching sun.

I believe it would be more comfortable for the vendors, as well as the visitors, if the event were run during a cooler time of the day.

It would also be appreciated if the authorities would consider turning Bandarku Ceria into a three-day weekend event.

I also believe that moving the venue to Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien would be a good way to limit the number of road closures in the city centre.

Perhaps there could even be a new section for government agencies to showcase Brunei’s history and local handicraft.

I hope the authorities would take my suggestions into consideration. After all, these changes would be made for the people’s well-being.

A Hawker