Waiter working as cook nabbed during operation

Azlan Othman

A male foreign worker employed as a waiter found working as a cook was nabbed by four immigration officers led by senior immigration personnel at the Immigration and National Registration Department (INRD) during its Ops Pumpung at a restaurant in Jalan Bunga Raya in the Belait District yesterday.

He was issued with a special pass and required to report at the Law Enforcement Section for further investigation under Chapter 17 of the Immigration Act and Regulation. His employer was also issued a notice and was instructed to report to the Law Enforcement Division, INRD to assist in the investigation.

Acting Chief Immigration Officer at Belait branch of Law Enforcement Section said the department will continue to carry out enforcement activities including monitoring, operations and inspections.

The public can inform the authorities regarding immigration violations by contacting INRD hotline at 8734888/8753888 (BSB) and 8984111 (KB). Information will be kept confidential.