Two foreigners held for immigration offence

James Kon

Two foreigners were detained by the Enforcement personnel of the Immigration and National Registration Department during ‘Ops Pumpung JIPK 135/2020’ on Tuesday.

The foreigners (one male and one female), who are holding the position of domestic helpers, were caught conducting mobile stalls in the area of a foreign quarters at Jalan Jaya Negara,
Kuala Belait.

The offenders were brought to the office of Immigration and National Registration Department for further investigation under Regulation 15(3) of Immigration Regulation Chapter 17 on misuse of job position.

The Acting Head of Immigration Officers at the Law Enforcement Division of Kuala Belait branch said more enforcement activities in the country will be carried out. Members of the public are welcome to provide information relating to immigration offenders.

Information can be relayed through the Immigration and National Registration Department hotline at 8734888/8753888 (Bandar Seri Begawan) or 8984111 (Kuala Belait).

The foreigners detained during the operation. PHOTO: IMMIGRATION AND NATIONAL REGISTRATION DEPARTMENT