Students learn more about sea, marine life

Poni Divers hosted a ‘Show and Tell’ to Kindergarten 1 students of Seri Mulia Sarjana School (SMSS) at the school hall recently.

Over 190 kindergarten students split over three groups participated in the course to learn about the sea and marine life.

The three-to-four year old kindergartners also learnt about sea animals, diving equipment, water safety and care for the environment particularly the ocean as part of the Explore and Express learning process of the IEYC Ocean Treasures unit.

The students also participated in paper masks and snorkels-making activity. Representing Poni Divers were Dive Instructor Amal Afina Abdul, Event Coordinator Rabeah Raihan and Universiti Brunei Darussalam Biology intern student Liyana Nadiah binti Mohamad Alfian who led a lively and interactive activity for the students.

Poni Divers is committed to fostering an eco-conscious community starting from an early age to appreciate and respect marine life and ecosystem. One of the most beneficial things children can do to help protect the oceans is to broaden their knowledge. The more kids learn about the issues facing the world’s oceans and the wildlife that call them home, the more they’ll want to do their bit.

A student during an activity
Students with their paper snorkel masks