Students feted at award ceremony

Kumon Diligent awarded Completer Plaques to four students – Synyee Yeo, Dalilah Bazilah binti Md Zul-Izzi, Zakaria Ait Oumessaoud and Jayden Lim Jin Wen – during its 5th Advanced Student Award Weekend at its centre in Kampong Jaya Setia recently.

Students working on material up to five years above their current age equivalent were also presented with medals and trophies by Chief Instructor Caley Lim.

Zakaria was recognised as the fastest student to complete the Kumon Mathematics programme and Jayden as the first dual subject completer in all of Brunei.

They were the youngest students who completed pre-university level Mathematics including advanced calculus at age nine.

Kumon Diligent is presently working with more than 400 students between three and 16.

Kumon is the world’s leading after-school enrichment programme for students from preschool to university. Kumon enables students to actively develop their self-learning skills rather than passively receiving instructions.

Kumon students study independently at a level that is appropriate for their ability. By progressing in small steps, they gain the confidence and knowledge to solve challenging problems.

“This individualised self-learning method has effectively improved the study skills of millions of students worldwide, maximised their potential and nurtured them to be the best they can be,” it said.

ABOVE & BELOW: Students with their medals and certificates. PHOTOS: KUMON DILIGENT