Special deals on quality used cars

Lyna Mohamad

Quality used cars are on show at the October Dream Deal event hosted by Automagination – Dream Cars Collection with special low interest rates of four per cent and seven years instalment plan. Aftermarket accessories will also be on offer by Automagination.

The event is in collaboration with Bee Motors Sdn Bhd at the premises in Beribi Industrial Complex II and will continue today from 9am to 10pm.

Under the new management, Bee Motors Sdn Bhd unveiled the new official logo. As the official repairer of Volvo cars in Brunei Darussalam, Bee Motors will offer a complimentary visual check-up, computerised health check and service 2.0 software update for Volvo car owners during the event.

Customers can enjoy an exclusive interest rate on their purchase of the Volvo V90 or S90.

Bee Motors Sdn Bhd Aftersales Manager Chan Chee Sang said, “With the new management, we will have more exciting projects customers can look forward to.”

Bee Motors staff. PHOTO: BEE MOTORS