Sneaky ways to save money

Standard Chartered Bank

Tips and tricks are delightful little treasures learnt and collected through conversations with good friends, acquaintances and colleagues at work. And if ever there are any gems worth collecting, the ones worth remembering are always the ones that will help save some money. Regardless of your station in life, we always appreciate a few tips and tricks when it comes to saving money!


If you think your scuffed and worn out pair of boots are ready to get the boot out of your shoe closet, think again. For a mere BND5, your cobbler could very well be able to transform it back to its former glory. Maybe not in tip top condition but with a bit of polish, stitching and a new heel base, your investment pair of boots could very well give you another few more years of stomping. Same goes with heel or shoes. Although being able to throw out the old pair of shoes as an excuse to go buy a new one may sound more appealing, think of the money you could save (up to BND40 difference from buying a new pair of regular branded heels) and save that difference in dollars for your investment account or for another pair of investment shoes instead!


This may not sound like it will help you save money but saving your money so that you can spend it on a really good pair of pants for example will in turn give you better value for money in the long run as opposed to buying a few pairs of cheap, low quality pants and not having them last for more than a year. Good quality clothing and appliances are really worth their value when it comes to price. But if you don’t have the dosh now to buy them, what can you do? – Save up for it!! And most importantly, picking a classic design or style for any of your items will ensure that it will outlast all the trends for years to come, and this is applicable not just for clothes but for furniture too!


With almost everyone being able to get on the Internet or the AFC channel, it’s so easy to find a new recipe that is not only healthy but easy to prepare at home. Instead of eating out all the time, stretch your dollars and cook your meals at home instead. It could save you money and you can control how healthy your meals will be skipping all the mono-sodium glutamate additives in restaurants and fast-food joints. Eating at home will not only save you money, you will also get to learn an essential survival skill, cooking, and you can decide how healthy your meal will be.


What else are you going to do on a Sunday night? Watch more TV? When you finally get bored of the black box, treat yourself and your skin to some loving DIY. You can invest in either high-end skin care for your own weekly treats or using drug-store brands will give you equally great results for your skin. Sure you may be spending more than what a regular facial may cost but the products will last way more than one facial session. Imagine if you have to fork out BND50 every week for a facial, you would be spending an average of BND200 per month just to treat your skin! Save the facials for when you really need a good treat. In the meantime, embrace inner peace by lighting some candles, slapping on your face mask and enjoying a good book while you wait for it to dry.


If you have friends or family who would like to give you second hand clothing, furniture, appliances, books, etc, don’t turn your nose down on them. No one will give you stuff for free in this world without wanting something back from you so accept them with open arms. You can also pass on the kindness by giving the items away to other friends or family or perhaps to a family in need. If you would like an item, say a handbag or a book or even furniture but you are not sure about your budget range, consider buying second hand.

There are plenty of garage or car boot sales that happen virtually every weekend and there are a lot of stuff for sale on eBay as well. By being smarter about what you think is absolutely necessary to buy new or ‘pre-loved’ you can save yourself some money, curb your appetite for consumption and also reduce, reuse or recycle!

This article is for general information purposes only and while the information in it is believed to be reliable, it has not been independently verified by us. You are advised to exercise your own independent judgement with the contents in this article.