Singapore to set up more COVID-19 testing facilities in dormitories

SINGAPORE (CNA) – Singapore will set up more COVID-19 regional screening centres and testing facilities in dormitories, as well as offer night swabs for workers to “accommodate their work cycles”, the Ministry of Manpower (MoM) and Health Promotion Board (HPB) said yesterday.

There are currently 20 regional screening centres across Singapore, with 14 centres facilitating the rostered routine testing of migrant workers living in dormitories, as well as workers from the construction, marine and process sectors.

“More regional screening centres are in the pipeline to ensure that swab testing needs continue to be met,” said MoM and HPB in their joint press release.

“The plan is to have 25 to 30 regional screening centres progressively in operation by the end of the year and about two-thirds of these sites will be conducting (rostered routine testing).”

Nine more in-dormitory rostered routine testing facilities will be set up by the end of October, in addition to the 24 facilities currently in operation.

Four of these facilities – Acacia Lodge, Cassia @ Penjuru, Central Staff Apartments and Westlite Mandai – will offer night swabs for workers. More than 35,000 migrant workers can benefit from the new initiative, the agencies said.

“Employers whose workers reside in dormitories with (rostered routine testing) facilities can schedule their workers’ (rostered routine testing) appointments at their dormitories, or at regional screening centres,” MoM and HPB said.

On-site COVID-19 testing at Avery Key dormitory in Woodlands. PHOTO: CNA