Royal Bees to take part in 24-hour Live Netball Marathon

Fadhil Yunus

The Brunei national netball team and head coach Jane Searle with the support of the Brunei Netball Association (BNA) have confirmed their participation in the 24-hour Live Netball Marathon.

Organised by the International Netball Federation (INF) in partnership with NETFIT Netball, the online event will be held at 9am today.

The Brunei national netball team – affectionately known as the Royal Bees – and Jane Searle will conduct a live netball session which will be live-streamed on the NETFIT Netball Facebook page at that time and date. The participation of the national netball squad is to support the INF and NETFIT Netball.

Aimed to unite netballers across the world, the marathon will feature several fitness and skills-oriented sessions such as home workouts, coaching tips and talks, workshops and more.

INF Chief Executive Clare Briegal said, “The INF has been working tirelessly in providing our members with a variety of resources through our platform, from a number of contributors, and this ’24-hour Live Netball Marathon’ is another engaging concept that we are proud to bring to our community.”

Meanwhile, NETFIT Chief Executive Sarah Wall said, “I loved the proactive nature of the INF in reaching out to the member nations to see how the netballing community had been affected.”

“The feedback from developing netball nations really spoke to us, and we thought what can we do to help?”

NETFIT Co-Founder Kim Green said, “We at NETFIT are excited to partner with the INF to create a challenge to the global netballing community.”

“We will host a 24-hour live netball fitness, skills and coaching marathon.”

Among the high-profiled names and rising talents that are expected to participating include New Zealand’s Laura Langman, England duo Serena Guthrie and Stacey Francis, Adelaide Thunderbirds’ Georgie Horjus and Collingwood Magpies’ Nyah Allen.

Besides players, coaches will also join the unique experience including South Africa assistant coach Chauke Dumisani, former Australian Diamond coach Lisa Alexander, Surrey Storm head coach Mikki Austin and Scottish Thistles head coach Tamsin Greenway.

The online event looks set to attract an international line-up from participants based in Brunei, New Zealand, South Africa, Gibraltar, Argentina, Hong Kong, England, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Singapore and Australia.