Roadshow on Cadastral Survey begins

Azlan Othman

The Survey Department yesterday began its eight-day ‘Cadastral Survey’ roadshow at the Community Hall in the Tutong District.

The roadshow is aimed at providing information on Cadastral surveying method to the public on a more effective service, in line with the government’s intention to increase departmental productivity.

Surveyor General at the Survey Department Haji Arefin bin Haji Jaya was the guest of honour.

Personnel from LTS land (Temporary Occupational Licence), BR (Re-measurement), GR (Gazette Measurement -for electricity stations only) and LA (Replacement Land – charged) for Tutong District attended the roadshow.

Tutong District Surveyor Officer [email protected] Abdul Khaliq bin Bujang said the roadshow is one of the research projects of the department through the ‘Fit for Purpose Methodology Survey Research Project (FFP)’ running from July 2020 to July 2021 for 2021 Prime Innovation Award project policy.

The research project, approved by the Surveyor General on August 20, was also introduced to speed up the surveying process by updating existing surveying methods and initiate a special workflow to improve efficiency and promote Brunei Darussalam in earthwork and Ease of Doing Business progress.

ABOVE & BELOW: Surveyor General at the Survey Department Haji Arefin bin Haji Jaya at the event; and Tutong District Surveyor Officer Surzana @ Abdul Khaliq bin Bujang delivers his speech. PHOTOS: AZLAN OTHMAN