Reporter detained while covering unrest in Egypt

CAIRO (AP) — Egyptian authorities detained a local journalist after she travelled to the southern city of Luxor to cover the alleged killing of a man during a police raid last week, her employer and family said on Sunday.

Basma Mostafa arrived in Luxor on Saturday morning, according to the al-Manassa news website where she works, but her employer subsequently lost contact with her. Al-Manassa said in a report that Mostafa believed she was being monitored by police while in the city.

Rights lawyer Karim Abdel-Rady, who is also her husband, said his wife, a 30-year-old mother of two, appeared on Sunday at the headquarters of Egypt’s state security prosecution in the capital, Cairo. Another lawyer, Khaled Ali, confirmed that she was brought before prosecutors.

Later on Sunday, al-Manassa reported that prosecutors had interrogated Mostafa and ordered her to remain in custody for 15 days. It said her lawyers did not know what charges she faced because they were not allowed to attend the questioning.

Rights lawyer Hala Doma, however, said she and Abdel-Rady attended the questioning and that Mostafa faces accusations of disseminating false news and joining a terrorist group, an apparent reference to the Muslim Brotherhood group which the government banned since 2013.