Rare white sea turtle found on South Carolina beach

KIAWAH ISLAND, South Carolina (AP) — Volunteers checking sea turtle nests on a South Carolina beach in the United States (US) came upon a rare sight – a white sea turtle hatchling crawling across the sand.

The town of Kiawah Island posted on its Facebook page that the Kiawah Island Turtle Patrol found a lone white baby sea turtle last Sunday. Photos show a tiny turtle that’s a creamy white colour rather than the more typical gray or green of a sea turtle.

The town said the hatchling is believed to have a genetic condition called leucism, which causes animals to have reduced pigmentation. The condition is described as extremely rare, but it’s unclear exactly how often such turtles are found in the wild.

A white sea turtle was found crawling across the sand on a beach in Kiawah Island in South Carolina. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/TOWN OF KIAWAH ISLAND, SC