New partnership widens opportunities for customers

Hakim Hayat

In line with Brunei Vision 2035 and the Digital Economy Masterplan 2025, imagine Sdn Bhd continues to explore and widen opportunities for its customer base, including enterprises to enhance their services for the population through strategic alliances and as a solutions provider.

Following a virtual signing ceremony with Malaysian-based ICT solutions provider Strateq Sdn Bhd yesterday, imagine CEO Suzannawati binti Haji Suharju told the media that she believes the partnership will enable them to further offer their customers in corporate enterprise, as well as their consumers, the ability to have more than just a traditional means of telecommunication, but a full-suite of technological solutions which can benefit society as a whole.

Strateq Group brings with them 40 years of experience, having established presence in several major economies including the United States, China and Thailand, as well as Singapore. They bring with them notable partners such as Amazon, VMWare and Microsoft.

Suzannawati also said that with the new strategic partner, they are now able to offer their customers the ease and convenience in the use of technology for their everyday life. “Strateq Group is very well experienced when it comes to industries such as the oil and gas and medical, and data centre, and these are things that we are very keen to be able to offer to the general public,” she said, adding that this would be the first of many opportunities they will be offering to their enterprise clients.

imagine Chief Operating Officer (COO) David Chetty said that in view of imagine’s long history with TelBru and the full range of connectivity services which they have been offering to a range of enterprises, the government and SMEs, they do have a portfolio of services, but it was limited and they tried to understand what the wider needs are.

“We have been engaged in past few years understanding their requirement, and what we felt is that there is an urgent need to bring a partner of products and services that would be spreading across the oil and gas, medicine, financial, hospitality, education, SMEs and the public sector,” he said.

imagine Sdn Bhd CEO Suzannawati binti Haji Suharju and imagine COO David Indres Chetty. PHOTOS: BAHYIAH BAKIR

Chetty believes that Strateq is the right fit for imagine and Brunei: “They have the data centres and is established with Amazon services, Google Play and established in the industry.. being a multi-national company in quite a few geographical locations.. that’s the type of services we are going to bring out.”

To further engage on what imagine can offer with this new partnership with Strateq Group, Suzannawati revealed that they will host a series of webinars, targetting clients according to their area of interest.

“The invitation is open to all, but we also believe in that whenever we have products and services to offer, it is not a one size fits all, in particular when it comes to enterprise business.. you have to really know your customers, to be able to understand what they need and what its that we can do as a solutions provider,” she said.

Chetty said that imagine wants to not just be the connectivity provider, but also be seen as the end-to-end solutions provider, hence its partnership with Strateq Group is the start of one of many partnerships to come that will complement each other, as a full solutions provider to the enterprise and government sector.

Sharing details on the decision to select Strateq Group as a partner, Suzannawati said that they were very selective as who they want to work with, and was looking for someone experienced in particular industries and also the region.

“We are very confident with the partners that work within this region, and we believe there is also shared learning to be brought across here, which is equally important,” she added.

When asked about details on any plans in the pipeline with the newly sealed partnership, Suzannawati revealed that they have already talked to a few of their major clients in terms of the solutions they can offer, and that they are now in a position to dive-deep further into what it actually means for them.

She also said that they have been engaged with those from the banking and the oil and gas industry here.

“It is really important for imagine to be able to offer solutions that fits the customer.. we have aspirations not to just necessarily compete when it comes to pricing, but customer experience is also something we want to excel in.. so we believe this is also a continuation in that journey.”

Chetty also said that imagine is open to discussing with any of its clients, existing and new, on what it is able to offer.